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Sunday, July 7, 2013


We slept in and were plesantly awoken by a street market below our window. Ben got ready first and headed down to the market while I got ready. Meeting in the market, we purchase an apple and a pear for breakfast. By far the sweetest, juciest, most delicious fruit we have ever had. We walked back to the bay and watched the waves crash onto the terrace and said goodbye to the beautiful scenery of Vernazza. Before leaving, we purchased to small glass containers of locally grown and made pesto. We had a sampling before purchasing and came to the conclusion that this pesto was "like tasting what created the world."  How could we pass that up?

{can you spot Ben?}

We walked back up to the train station with our belongings on our back (having already checked out) and headed to Corniglia. Corniglia was differnt from all of the other cities; instead of being on a beach, was placed on top of a mountain. A very high mountain... with a very long staircase. We hiked up the long, steep, staircase and arrived in the heart of the city. We wandred through the narrow streets and stopped at a pizza shop to enjoya few slices of pizza. A beautiful city, but nothing too exciting to warrant a further trek up the mountain. We made our way back down and took the train back to La Spetzia.

Being a little early for our departing train, we explored La Spetzia, enjoyed another gelato and killed time as we waited for our train to Florence. While on the train, Ben made the conclusion that the French language sounded like {now think... thick french accent} "Ble ble bla, ble bla bla", while our first exposure to Italy sound more like {think thick italian accent} "eh squishy squashy, squishy squishy squashy." True. True.

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